Area background & Town History

1986  The Apple Valley Ranch & Gooseberry subdivisions were created by Contractor Ted Gubler. He developed a private water company to supply potable water to over 300 lots. Dirt roads were allowed by Washington County for developments.

1993  The volunteer Big Plain Fire Department was formed. The first annual Apple Valley Fair was held in Paradise Canyon in September to raise funds for the new Fire Department.

1994  The first Fire Truck was donated by LaVerkin City. It was non-operational and was hoped to convert it into a water tanker to be used on the dusty dirt roads and to support the Fire Department. The truck and equipment were stored in a large metal shed on Rome Way, owned by Dr. Clark Fullmer

The Fire Dept was the only organized entity that could contract with UP&L to request a light over the mail boxes. The power bill was $24 per month.

1995  Jun:    Extensive fundraisers were done to acquire a functioning Fire Fighting Truck from Bluffdale City. A Brush Truck from Bluffdale, belonging to the Utah State Forestry, was also acquired at no cost.

  Jul-Aug: The second annual Apple Valley Fair was held in Paradise Canyon to raise more funds for the Fire Dept. Washington County donated funds to help cover the first year liability insurance.

  Sep: Dr. Clark Fullmer paid for the concrete floor and Fire Fighters provided over 180 hours of labor. They started with about 10 Firefighters, an old Fire Engine, a Brush Truck and Brush Gear. Turnouts were acquired later.

  Oct-Dec: A design contest, to create a new Fire Dept. logo, was held and the department name was changed to Smithsonian Fire Dept.

The Canaan Mountain Estates subdivision was created Northeast of Hildale.

1996  A very small newspaper, The SEEDLING, was delivered quarterly to residents of the Apple Valley Ranch & Gooseberry developments. Copies of the delivered paper from 1996 to 1999 may be viewed at the Town Office.

  Jun:  ISO Commercial Risk Services sends a letter to the Fire Chief Ford informing him that the Apple Valley Area improved its Fire Insurance Classification from a 10 (the poorest rating) to a 6 (one of the best ratings). Few areas achieve better ratings.

  Aug: Apple Valley’s third annual fair was held in Paradise Canyon to raise funds for the Fire Dept.

  Sep: The Fire Dept. response time is eight (8) minutes. They reach call locations before the Hildale & Colorado Fire trucks. The Fire Fighters are building an office, restroom and small kitchen. The septic system was installed.

  Oct:  A meeting was held at the Hurricane Senior Citizen Center with County Commissioner Gallian and Wayne Thomas from the Division of Environmental Health. The Apple Valley Ranch & Gooseberry developments were initially approved with an annual water allotment of .45 acre foot per lot. Commissioner Gallian said that this was an over sight on the part of the existing commission when approving these developments with less than 1 acre foot per lot for areas zoned for livestock. A Second hearing was held in Salt Lake City in which it was decided to schedule a 3rd hearing in January.

1997  The Fire Department is constantly training, taking classes, responding to calls, repairing and upgrading equipment. The Fire Dept. now has a total of 5 trucks. One was donated by Washington County, one by BLM. The annual Chili Cook-off is a fun event to attend and to raise funds for the Fire Dept.

  May: A hearing was held at the Washington County Commission Chamber in St George concerning the rate increase for the Little Plains Water Co. The presiding Judge stated that the water rate increase was valid. Berry Golding of the Utah Division of Public Utilities gave the main address under oath to facts researched concerning the matter of water agreements. It was proposed that the Water Company provide 0.9 acre foot to all lots and refunds be made for the purchase of additional allotments. This proposal will be taken to the State for approval.

  Nov: The Utah Division of Public Utilities issued the order to the Little Plains Water Co to have available .90 acre foot of water annually to each lot owner in the Apple Valley Ranch and Gooseberry developments.

  Dec: Washington County creates the Southeastern SSD. A total of five (5) new Fire Districts were created filled the need of fire protection for County growth. The first Board members, Joan Perry, Marie McGowan, Beth Moore, Becky Walbeck and Dean Caldwell, were appointed by the Commissioners.

1998  Mar: Officials of the North American Number Plan formally approved the plan submitted by the Utah telecommunications industry to add a new area code in Utah. 435 is the new code for 24 counties.

1999  Apr: A group of Residents were on the County Commissioner public meeting agenda to request to have the new Fire District dissolved. They were given 60 days to show means by which the Fire Station would be financed without County support.

  Aug: A petition was done for the dissolution of the Fire District. Two special meetings were held to discuss ways to resolve opposing view between those asking to dissolve the Fire District and the District Board. At a later regular County meeting, the Commissioners stated that the District would not be dissolved do to the lack of any alternate financing plans.  

  Nov: Elections were held to vote in the first elected Fire District Board. Thirteen (13) residents applied as candidates. Three withdrew before voting day. There were 186 registered voters, 133 people casts votes making 71% voicing their choice. The first elected District Board consisted of Troylinn Benson, Vance Covington, Clydene Womack, Buddy James and Marie McGowan. It was a very close race with only a 15 vote spread between the candidates with the highest and lowest number of votes.

1.6 acres of property, where the mail boxes are located, was deeded from Little Creek Development to Big Plain Community Foundation along with 2 acre feet of ground water. This later became part of the 2016 Gateway Project.

2000  “The SEEDLING” newspaper started its own web page through 2004. Printed copies of the online paper may be viewed at the Town Office.

2001  The Fire Dept acquired a new truck for less than the budgeted amount to make repairs on the old truck. The new truck will hold twice as many Firefighters and their gear compared to the old truck which was not up to code.

2002  The new Fire Station on Meadowlark Dr. was constructed on a lot donated by Ira Bradshaw. The Fire Fighters donated many hours of labor to construct the building.  A Loan & Grants were obtained through the efforts of the SESSD. There was an Open House in October.

The South Zion Estates subdivision was started just north of the Canaan Mountain Estates subdivision across Hwy 59. 

2003  Sep:  Hurricane and Hildale file the State required 50 year Annex Plans. They overlap each other by 22 square miles. Hurricane’s plan covers most of the Smithsonian Fire District. Hildale’s plan covers about 1/3 of the Fire District.    (Maps may be viewed at the office)

  Oct:  Allco Truss Company applies for a Zone Change to construct a truss plant about 5 miles from Hildale. Residents attend the Washington County Commissioners meeting to object to the Zone Change that would include homes located close to the planned plant. County Commissioners take a field trip to the site to review the situation. At their next meeting the Commissioners voted 3-0 against the Zone Change.

Property Owners of the Canaan Gap and surrounding area were concerned that Hildale City and some of the residents of both Hildale and Colorado Citiy owned enough property in the Gap Area to be able to annex their property into Hildale City against their wishes.

The residents of the Canaan Gap area did not have the required 100 residents or large enough tax base to incorporate. They came to the residents of the Apple Valley Ranch and Gooseberry Estates subdivisions to start action on a petition to Incorporate 59 Sections on the Little & Big Plains as the Town of Apple Valley.

  Nov:   Petition Requirements to incorporate as a Town are:
                 51% of total acreage with property owner signatures
                 34% of the property values
                 100 – 999 population

2004  Feb: The Petition was given to the County with these percentages.                      60% of property owner signatures     
                 63% of the property values
                 700 population 

The map boundaries of 59 square miles were amended to remove 26 sections leaving 33 square miles, changing the percentages. 
                            81% of property owner signatures
                            69% of the property values
                            650 population

Mar-Apr:  Signature Verification by Washington County.

May-Jul:  Feasibility Study by John Willie

Aug:  County Commissioners approve Petition with the inclusion of a parcel that was split by the amended map.

Sep:  County appoints a Mayor and 4 council members
       Mayor:   Mary Reep
     Council: Evan Brown, Kathy Pugmire, Karen Finke, Jan Hirschi

Oct 14   State of Utah approved incorporation of the Town of Apple Valley.

Dec 2   First Town meeting held at the Fire Station on Meadowlark.

2005  Jan:     Appointments were made to fill vacancies on the Town Council, Town Clerk, Planning Commission and Board of Adjustments. Appointments were also made for Road, Events and Water Watch committees.

Mar:   The Towns first large purchase is made by resolution to acquire the 1987 Caterpillar Grader from Washington County.

Apr:    The first annual Miss Apple Valley Pageant was held at the Hurricane High School. There were ten entrants.

Washington County Commissioners retires the Southeastern SSD Fire District and turns the responsibility of financing the Fire Department over to the Town of Apple Valley.

May: 3.43acres, located adjacent to the Fire Station property, were deeded from the Big Plain Foundation to the Town of Apple Valley. 

Oct 15   First annual Founders Day was held at the Fire Station.

2007  Special Election to Disincorporate the Town.
          Results:          81 votes for dissolution
                                197 votes against

2008  The town went thru the process of re-gridding all addresses in order to have a separate numbering system from Hurricane City. The center of the new system is located near the cross roads of State St (Hwy 59) and Main St (the Scenic Backway).

The first Annexation on the West side of town encompassed the Kokapelli Golf Course along State St (Hwy 59) and a canyon across from the Chevron Station for a planned development that may include a Planetarium and Museum.

2010  Dee Maranhao published two issues of a Town Newsletter to keep residents informed about Town meetings and events. Then she did a newsletter called “The Juniper Reader” that had updated information about the BLM Committee that was working on acquiring BLM land for the Town of Apple Valley.

Later in the year the committee was renamed “Parks & Recreation” and worked on plans for the Town’s first community park.

2011  Jul: A local paper “Apple Views” starts publication and is delivered to residents. Copies may be viewed at the Town Office.

Oct: The Town of Apple Valley created the Big Plains Water & Sewer Special Service District (BPW&S SSD) The infrastructure of two water companies, Apple Valley Water Co & Cedar Point Mutual Water Co., were negotiated to become the property of the Water District.

  Jun:    Special Election to Disincorporate the Town.
                Results:       119 votes for dissolution 
                                     178 votes against

Sep:     The Town Park was created and Playground equipment was installed along with sod and trees. Many Volunteers labored to create a welcome place to gather to hold Town Events. 

  Town of Apple Valley purchased 10 acres to the north of the Fire Station.  Plans to build a Memorial Cemetery and Town Hall on this property are being discussed. 

2014   A 30’ x 40’ Park pavilion was completed in time for the October Founders Day Event. Another 10,000 square feet of sod was installed. 

2015  Jan:    Big Plains Water & Sewer SSD acquired funding to have the entire water system replaced for the Apple Valley Ranch & Gooseberry subdivisions. This included larger and thicker main pipes, increased number of shut off valves from 9 to 79. New fire hydrants increased from 26 to 82. New Electronic read meters, with a Customer shut off were installed.

Jun-Aug: Summer activities with a variety of Camps, Classes & Ice Cream Socials were held in the expanded Town Park.    

Three new offices were constructed from part of the first bay for the Fire Trucks. They are for the Town Clerk/Recorder, Fire Chief and Code Enforcer. The original office is now the receiving area with an Office Assistant.

Funding for the Gateway project was approved and will be under construction for a few months replacing the only Bridge into the main population area. Improvements will be made to that entrance and mail boxes. Rocky Mountain Power will install a substation near the entrance.

The Mayor contacted the Postmaster General, requesting that the Town of Apple Valley be assigned its own Zip Code which would allow the Town to apply for a wider variety of Grants. The reply was that Apple Valley does NOT meet the requirements to qualify for a separate Zip Code from Hurricane which includes having over 25,000 delivery points for 84737.   

Oct: The Gateway project was scaled back in order to not encroach upon properties within the proposed road easement. Savings from the reduction will be used to double chip & seal several miles of local roads.

A Halloween Social was held on Oct 31. Approximately 200 attended to enjoy Pot Luck Dinner, Spook Alley and games. 

2016  Mar:Ground breaking ceremony for the Gateway project to replace the bridge, improve the entrance, construct a shelter for 200 mail boxes, a cement pad for the recycle binis, school bus stop, and chip & seal some of the dirt roads.                     

Mar 26:  The first annual Easter Egg Hunt was held at the Town Park.

July 4:   A very nice display of fireworks brought by residents to celebrate Independence Day.

Oct: The Gateway project is completed including a lighted Town Sign on the back side of the new mail box shelter. 

Plans, to complete the Park, for the construction of a Town Hall, the Memorial Cemetery and a grant for connection to a Trails project including Public Toilets in the park are being discussed by the Town Council.