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Offiice Phone:     435-877-1190
Office Fax:     435-877-1192

Town Clerk  
Jauna McGinnis
Town Treasurer  
Debbie Kopp
Code Enf. Officer  
Kevin Sair
Robert Campbell
Council Members  
Michael McLaughlin
Debbie Kopp
Trevor Black
Big Plains Water/Sewer SSD Board  
Harold Merritt (Chairman)
Neil Duncan (Secretary)
Ross Gregerson
Robert Campbell (Treasurer)
Trevor Black
Planning Commission Members  
Cynthia Browning (Chairman)
Wenn Jorgensen
Janet Prentice
Blake Seese
Paul Edwardsen
Building and Planning Staff  
Frank Lindhardt
Public Utilities (Roads, Water)  
Dale Harris 435-632-8358
Water Emergencies  
Dale Harris  435-632-8358
Community Events  
Delila Russon (Chairman)


1777 North Meadowlark Drive  
Apple Valley, Utah 84737 


Monday-Thursday 9am-5pm
     Closed 1-2pm for lunch