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Offiice Phone:     435-877-1190
Office Fax:     435-877-1192

Town Clerk  
Jauna McGinnis
Town Treasurer  
 Debbie Kopp
Code Enf. Officer  
April Ruesch
Robert Campbell
Council Members  
Ron Brown
Michael McLaughlin
Debbie Kopp
Big Plains S&W SSD Board  
Harold Merritt (Chairman)
Ron Brown
Neil Duncan (Secretary)
Ross Gregerson
Robert Campbell (Treasurer)
Planning Commission Members  
Cynthia Browning (Co-Chair)
Wenn Jorgensen
Janet Prentice
Blake Seese
Paul Edwardsen
Public Utilities roads, water  
Dale Harris 435-632-8358
Water Emergencies  
Dale Harris  435-632-8358
Community Events  
Delila Russon (Chair)


1777 North Meadowlark Drive  
Apple Valley, Utah 84737 


Monday-Thursday 9am-5pm
     Closed 1-2pm for lunch