One of Washington County's newest towns is Apple Valley, incorporated Oct 14, 2004. The major population of Apple Valley is located in a small valley known as Little Plains about 12 miles East of Hurricane. The drive on HWY 59 is a 1,800 ft climb to 4,700 ft. The scenery is spectacular with Zion National Park in the background along with Mount Smithsonian, Canaan Mountain, and Little Creek Mesa framing the area. The temperature averages 5-10 degrees cooler than Hurricane and  St. George year round.

There are approximately 300 homes in Apple Valley. New subdivision developments are currently being engineered for the area.  

Water is provided by the Big Plains Water and Sewer Special Service District and billed by the Town.  A smaller private water company services the Canaan area.  There are several private wells that are used for irrigation.  Homes are heated with propane, wood burning stoves or electricity.  

The Apple Valley Fire Department is primarily a volunteer fire department. Contact the Fire Chief at 435-467-1044.

There are some in home businesses as well as a storage unit facility.  Services to the area are provided by UPS, FedEx and the Hurricane post office.


       Washington Co. District 435-673-3553    

Hurricane Elem   (K-5) 435-635-4668
Three Falls Elem (K-5) 435-635-7229
Intermediate  (6-7) 435-635-8931
Middle  (8-9) 435-635-4634
High  (10-12) 435-635-3280
Valley Academy  (K-8) 435-635-0772


Water Canyon  (K-12) 435-874-1182



Town Attorney Needed

Interested individuals, please read the: RFP (Request For Proposal) for the Town Attorney Position.

Employment Opportunities

Town Clerk/Recorder

Town Clerk Recorder Job

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South Central Communications provides land-line telephone service. Calls to Hurricane and St. George are long distance.  Calls to Hildale Utah and Colorado City, Arizona, are local.  For cellular service Verizon Communications and AT&T are two choices for service. Internet  service can be provided through South Central Communications or TKS Hi-speed internet.   For best television reception you need a satellite dish. There is no Cable for TV at this time.

The Chevron gas station on Hwy 59 is centrally located in Apple Valley.  They offer regular and diesel fuel as well as semi parking.  They carry a variety of miscellaneous household items and snack foods. A food court serves a variety of hot food and sandwiches. 

             Local Businesses
Apple Valley Self Storage 435-877-1299
Chevron-Little Creek Station  435-877-1101
Elite Diesel (Rustee) 701-500-9477
Gooseberry Yurt rentals  801-318-6280
Sourdough Bread    (Jenny) 435-251-7067


Facebook:  Town of Apple Valley

Volunteers are needed to help with Town Events.  435-877-1190


Starting December 1, 2017, South Central will be replacing the phone land lines with Fiber Optic lines. This will take about 3 months to complete. Connecting to homes will take up to 1 hour per residence. 
South Central Public Relations: Ebbi Hafen 435-644-0856

Apple Valley FTTH Update:

South Central Communications is now dispatching construction crews to the Apple Valley area and are breaking ground in Phase 1 – Gooseberry Mesa – this week. The project will be completed in 3 Phases and is expected to be complete by spring of 2018. Phase 2 begins on the north end of Cartland Dr and covers the center of the valley to the end of Rome Way. Phase 3 will reach up to North Apple Valley Dr and back down to Canaan Way.

This is exciting news for SCC’s existing customers, as well as new customers who sign up while crews are in the area. The need for increased bandwidth has swelled recently with the increase of internet-connected devices in the home. In our fiber areas, SCC’s speed packages have increased from a maximum of 50 Mbps (Megabits per second) to 1 Gig (equal to 1,000 Megabits per second). These ultra-fast speeds will meet and exceed the ever-evolving demands of today’s home Internet user. In addition, fiber optic service to your home can increase its resale value by more than $5000.

Customers in Apple Valley who do not currently have SCC for Phone/Internet service should contact SCC now to avoid installation fees after construction is complete. Upgrades to Fiber service are free while crews are in the area. But once development of Apple Valley is finished, a $300 remobilization fee will apply to any customer who doesn’t have fiber connected to their home. Save the $300 and make sure your home gets connected today.

Whether you’re watching multiple Netflix streams at once, taking advantage of remote tele-health services, or backing up a library of family photos, 1 Gig Fiber Internet from South Central Communications can handle all of it at the same time – without slowing your connection!

For more information about the fiber project, please contact Public Relations Coordinator, Ebbi Hafen, or SCC at (888) 826-4211.         

2017 General Election


Town of Apple Valley
November 7, 2017 FINAL General Election Results


Robert S. Campbell:


Richard Moser:  



Judith Davis: 


Trevor Black: 


Debbie Kopp:


Michael R. McLaughlin:



Winners are in bold.  They will take office in January 2018.


Campaign Financial Reports - Aug. 2017

Donate / Recycle

Wheels For Wishes: Car donation program that picks up donated cars and recycles or auctions them, with proceeds going to Make-A-Wish Utah to help grant wishes of local kids. 855-417-9474   utah.wheelsforwishes.org

Recycle BATTERIES from your computers, flashlights and toys at the Town Office.    (please tape the contact ends of all batteries for safety)

The Mini Binis bring in money for the Town Park.  Recycle Chart 

Education Guide

Affordable Colleges Online users can expand their search and is a comprehensive online resource dedicated to finding affordable higher education options for students, with extensive financial aid and student resources. The guide features a search tool which allows students in Apple Valley to search programs by subject, degree level, cost, and more.of-state options, which are ranked on this page:

    Best Colleges Online        Business Degree Guide and College Resource


Safty & Emergency Information links

 Ice Cream Socials: 2018 May, June, July, Aug.

The Boy Scouts are gathering old US and Utah State flags. They are planing a flag retirement ceremony. 

Contact Robert Campbell, 435-251-7622, for details. 
You may also bring old flags to the Town Office.

 As of Oct 4, there are 143 subscriptions to the email newsletter 

You may pay your Utility Bill online at www.xpressbillpay.com 

Set up & manage your account for safe and convenient transactions. 

Compatible cards are VISA, MASTERCARD, DISCOVER

NOTE: Please report road, culvert and drainage issues to the Town Office 435-877-1190.   

2018 Dumpster Schedule at the Fire Station  
Mar 23-25, Jun 22-24, Aug 24-26, Oct  19-21
Donation Trailer will be nearby

Damaged Trash Can/lid/wheels - Replacements 435-673-2813

Volunteers are needed to help with upcoming Events. 435-877-1190

  • Come to the Community Events meetings on the 2nd Tue each month 7:00 pm. 
  • Need Summer Camp Hosts and Soccer Coaches & Sports Director.

The Park Pavilion may be Rented for groups & activities.    435-877-1190

Memorial Cemetery: The Town is collecting names of ALL military service people that have lived in the Apple Valley Area after 1985. Contact Marie for more information.

note: The Mayor contacted the Postmaster General, requesting that the Town Of Apple Valley be assigned its own Zip Code which would allow the Town to apply for a wider verity of Grants. The reply was that Apple Valley does NOT meet the requirements to qualify for a separate Zip Code from Hurricane.

Burn Season is Oct 2 thru Dec 31, 2017  
7 day Burn Permits located at Town Office.
For Special circumstances, contact Dave Zolg 435-632-4072.

NOTE: Meetings & Events may be canceled or rescheduled at any time.
Please check bulletin boards for updates, or call the office during business hours 435-877-1190